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6 benefits of sleeping on your left side

We all know a good sleep plays a very important role to physical health and well being, and to lie is a factor that affects the quality of sleep. Some researchers believe that, for many people, to lie on the left to help investigate deeper sleep, thus improving better health. This hypothesis derived from Ayurveda, a book about health and medicine of India.

So why leaning to the left when sleep is beneficial? Because this position is good for the digestive system, the back and our hearts. Here are 6 benefits of sleep studies left.

1. Promote lymphatic system activity

Lie on left side helps us easily filter lymphatic fluid and waste through the lymph nodes, mainly located in the left body. The scientists also discovered that the left leaning posture helps the body to push the waste from the brain. Conversely, if the lie to the right, the lymphatic system would operate inefficiently.

2. Improve digestion

Lie residue left helps to easily move food from the large intestine to the colon (meaning you will easily defecation when awake). This posture also helps the stomach and spleen is located in the natural (due to stomach is the left half of the body), so the production of enzymes from the pancreas and other digestive activities will take place smooth Stay over.

3. Good for your heart

long ago, doctors have advised that pregnant women should lie on the left to increase cardiovascular circulation. Although you are not pregnant, this posture has helped relieve the pressure on the heart, because gravity will increase the activity of the lymphatic system and reduce circulation in the aorta of the heart.

4. This is the ideal sleeping posture for pregnant women

Lie on left not only good for the circulatory activity in pregnant women, but also reduce the pressure on your back, preventing the liver and uterus presses on increased blood flow information to the uterus, kidneys and fetus. Therefore, doctors often recommend that pregnant women sleep on this.

5. Reduce heartburn

A study of Gastroenterology Journal said, lying on your left side may reduce the symptoms of acid reflux, because our stomach is located in the left part of the body. Conversely, lying on the right can increase the symptoms. If you are suffering from heartburn after eating, try lying on your left side 10 minutes – you will find effective immediately.

6. Reduce back pain

People with chronic back pain will feel better if you sleep on the right side. The reason is because this position reduces pressure on the spine, helps you sleep better.

Note: Even lying on the left has many benefits, but for some people, especially those with heart disease , sleep apnea, or glaucoma, this position may not be appropriate. Therefore, talk to your doctor to get a good sleep posture healthiest.

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