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How to good sleep in the cold days

The winter we were woke up by the cold, many people that climb into the blanket is warm without preparation. In this article, we will outline a few methods to help you good sleep and warmth.

Hot herbal tea

A hot drink in the evening winter will help you to feel warmer. Select herbal tea has no caffeine component (stimulants help awake) or warm honey lemon juice to increase the temperature of the body. Don’t be foolish to drink cocoa, chocolate or coffee because they will make you lose sleep.

Warm bath in a closed room

You often feel very afraid to wash the winter. However, the steam bath in the shower or in the bathtub drowning yourself in a closed room to help warm the body and makes you better sleep.

Wear warm sleepwear

Choose thick clothes , using material felt, wool or fur helps keep the body warm during the night and immediately change habits wearing this cascading bedtime winter map.

Use pillows heating, hot pack

You can buy these items at the drug store and used to keep the body warm, your feet all night long. Also, do not forget to wear any woolen bedtime. Remember, the feet are the first body parts feel cold due to poor circulation and you can take a long time to warm the legs with a blanket.

Block bedroom door edge

Cold air can enter the room and disturb your sleep through slit Windows, doors. Before you go to bed, please block sealed them with towels, newspapers or long pillow. For the pane, please let go of blinds to prevent wind into the room from the small slot.

Multi-layer blanket

If you feel, a warm blanket was not enough, create a two-tier blanket with a thick layer, a thin layer. This combination will help you warmer. Remember, down comforters are great choices to keep heat while sleeping.

Use body heat

A great way to keep warm and have a good sleep in the winter as you move closer to the bed and enlist “benefit” from the natural body temperature.

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